17. Oktober 2012

Exploring the Unique Self and beyond (Part 6)*: Supreme Intelligence and Power

Just three days ago, I received an e-mail from a Tai-Chi teacher writing that in a state of despair she had stumbled over my website. There she realized that she could understand every word but felt unable to connect with the reality behind. Somehow she must have lost the connection to her heart in her struggle for survival and found herself in deep sadness and painful longing.

My intuition was to offer her a session when I would be in Zürich next week, but she insisted that she would come to Autigny (our home in the french part of Switzerland) and take a "5-day individual retreat: Becoming who we really are".  My agenda being full for the next weeks, I could however offer her a five-day-period starting today by sacrificing my week-end. Inspite of my wife's protest and my own need for the well-planned pause, I felt that I would have to accommodate her. And so she arrived yesterday in the late afternoon.

By a coup of tea we started to touch the realm which we would be exploring during the days to come. It became clear immediately that she had been given flashes of the Unique Self in the past. She had taken these experiences and its source as useful assets of a good Tai-Chi teacher and spiritual advisor. Only now she began to understand "her" Unique Self" as the true essence of her being and that in the course of a lifetime a person may evolve into an ever clearer manifestation of its Supreme Intelligence and Power. Once having been given its Unique taste - so I told her - our surrender will always be answered by a wind of grace. And: when at the beginning it may feel difficult to differentiate IT's tone from the concert of inner voices, we well need to trust and go ahead, learning to discern by the result of our action. I closed our welcome-talk by inviting her to sit down and write a letter to "her" Unique Self describing her intent of becoming its conscious manifestation.

When she turned up this morning for our session, I was surprised by a radiating being, filled with bliss and joy. Her letter had obviously been answered by abundant grace and a deep transformation had taken place over night. Getting up in the morning she felt urged to write down several pages; all the questions she had brought along and many more had been answered.

It was clear that the "work" had been achieved before we had even formally started. Obviously it had been the right time for her to come to Autigny. So my intuition to open the space for her coming had been right - and I will have my free week-end.

"OM NAMAH SHIVAYA" - I bow to the One - the mantra that is deeply imprinted in my being is resonating in my heart letting me bow in infinite gratitude!

* Exploring the Unique Self and beyond : http://www.ievolve.org/author/hans/